Ask The Expert: How Can Companies Personalize Their Content?

Ask The Expert: How Can Companies Personalize Their Content?

We’ve discussed the importance of content personalization before, however it’s easier said than done! As people expect more and more individualized content, it can be difficult navigating the tricky relationship between personalization and connecting with your audience. However, personalization can bring great improvement to your company’s performance and interaction. On “Ask the Expert,” we reached out to marketing experts to see their tips and tricks for creating great personalized content and bringing success through your company’s doors. 

For Tom McClintock from Relationship Martech, the key to creating great personalized content is knowing your company. “Start with who you are as a business, position yourself and do a positioning exercise, look at your differentiators!” You want to make sure you are speaking to exactly the right person at exactly the right time, but you cannot establish your audience if you do not first have a strong sense of identity within the company. Too often companies jump the gun and try to create marketing plans before they have established their branding, and more importantly, their purpose/mission. Creating a well-crafted marketing message cannot be done over-night. It takes time and money, the last thing you want to do is rush the creation of your marketing campaigns and skip over your company’s purpose. That will only lead to wasted money and frustration in the long run. 

Sam Tomlinson from Warschawski finds that campaigns are often excessively broad. “You’re not getting a really personalized message to these groups and you’re trying to speak to everyone as if they are one monolithic block.” Customer bases are made up of different segments, your audience is never truly uniform. Understanding this is vital to creating personalized content as it can allow you to easily create diverse campaign options rather than sticking with one uniform message. Provide variety to connect with more people. For some customers, the priority is saving money; for others, the priority is convenience. See how your company fulfills the needs of all the different groups within your audience to create an excellent personalized campaign. 

 As previously stated, creating personalized content can be time-consuming, but in the long run, it is worth it. Companies that fail to create personalized content can become stagnant and redundant. Their audience will easily leave them for the next new and shiny thing. Personalized content allows you to remain relevant and prevalent in the mind of your customers. Don’t cut corners, take the time to understand the mission of your company and the wants of your audience in order to reach and connect with them better than ever before. 

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