Ask the Expert: How Do You Create a Content Marketing Strategy?

Ask the Expert: How Do You Create a Content Marketing Strategy?

For any young company, marketing is vital to ensuring future success. However, marketing is more than a simple social media post every once in a while. Marketing means connecting with your potential customers, which requires a strong content marketing strategy. The process of designing a strong strategy requires patience and an attentive eye, which can make designing a strategy an intimidating process. That’s why we asked marketing experts across the country for their advice on companies designing their strategies. 

Jason Mudd from Axia Public Relations notes the similarities between content marketing and public relations, “ I like to think of it as another form of public relations…you should tell a great story and use that story to engage an audience.” Your content strategy needs to take into account the specific interests of your audience in order to best gear your company’s talents to what they require. However, Jason also notes that “…the story really has to be focused on the recipient or the reader or the audience themselves. It’s not about the company, it’s not about bragging about who you are or what you do but demonstrating how you can be helpful.” 

The pandemic has provided an interesting opportunity for marketing, digital marketing especially. When designing your strategy, it is important to also take into account these unprecedented events. “In a time period where people are just on the internet all the time. Ever since the pandemic, everyday is like the Super Bowl online. You need to be creating content that catches their eye instantly and engages them,” says Jon Cooper from Perlow Productions. The pandemic has helped digital marketing develop rapidly, taking advantage of this will prove beneficial for your business’ marketing endeavours. 

“Obviously you need to be very attuned to your marketing strategy. Some brands are shifting that strategy, shifting their audience,” says Marty Avallone from Digitent. He provides a good example of this, looking specifically at cereal brands. Many older cereal brands have found recently that their audience is aging and in turn decreasing. Therefore, there is a need for them to shift from their older audience to one that is younger. They redesign their brand to appeal to the younger fitness mom for example. This is an important concept to take note of, especially for older companies that may be looking to rebrand. 

When creating your content marketing strategy, it’s important to keep in mind the goals and mission of your company. However, if the advice gathered by us from various experts says one thing the loudest: know your audience. Designing your content marketing will also require collecting data and observing your audience in order to best reach them. We at BluHorn wish you the best of luck in your content creating endeavors!


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