Ask the Expert: Is Digital Marketing the Future for Marketing?

Ask the Expert: Is Digital Marketing the Future for Marketing?

In recent years, marketing has changed in many interesting ways. One of these developments is the rise of digital marketing. As traditional marketing gets pushed to the backburner, digital marketing has taken over the front lines of marketing. As social media has grown and changed how companies connect with their audience, many are left asking the question, “Is digital marketing the future for marketing?” We asked experts in the industry what they thought about the future of traditional marketing and how digital marketing would affect companies. 

Eagan Heath from Caravan Digital notes that digital marketing has many advantages over traditional. “Oftentimes the targeting is better with digital and the measurement is better and as a result of that you can test and ultimately save money.” While there are still eyes on television, radio, and billboards, digital provides a unique direct option and, in many cases, is much more personalized. 

Julian Aldridge from ENACT stands firm on the idea that digital is the best way to reach the younger generation. “If you aren’t on their phones, you are missing out on an absolutely enormous opportunity.” Traditional isn’t gone by any means but that form of media is best suited for the older generation. However, for millennials and younger, it’s important for companies to start prioritizing digital as it’s only a matter of time until they dominate the buying sphere. 

Now is the time for companies to start cleaning up their digital strategies. The marketing world is constantly changing, and if you do not have a strong presence on social media, it will be easy for you to be left behind. Companies need to be constantly researching trends and doing all that they can in order to better understand what directions marketing is heading in. For now, the biggest priority is the world of digital marketing which is proving to be the undeniable future of marketing today.

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