Ask the Expert: What Are Some Tips for Personalizing Content?

Ask the Expert: What Are Some Tips for Personalizing Content?

When creating content, it is important to keep your audience in mind. However, that’s easier said than done! Today, customers want to feel like they have a one-on-one relationship with companies. Gone are the days of generalized content; now it’s all about personalization. Every company is different, and it can be hard nailing down exactly who your audience is. We turned to experts in the marketing agency to hear their advice on personalizing content. 

Zeev Wexler from Wexler says that “you need to invest, you need to beta, you need to test.” A system has to be set up along with a plan in order to have a solid reach. Patience is key and personalization doesn’t happen overnight! Make sure that you give your company time to properly set up and execute, rushing through personalization can damage your SEO performance amongst many other key marketing attributes. 

Julia Seraphine from The Julia Seraphine Agency notes the importance of branding. “If you really want to put a personalized touch on your marketing, make sure your branding is as salient as possible.” It’s important to have a solid sense of identity before you start putting yourself out there. Do you know your company’s mission? If you don’t, no amount of personalization will land with your audience. Your company will need a solid sense of self first. 

Venroy Joseph from veJov Design LLC says that personalization is like having a conversation with your audience. It’s important to speak in the language your target audience wants to hear, no matter what niche your business exists within. Personalization is incredibly important for companies as it makes it possible for your audience to “end up with a big decision of responding, engaging but most importantly the decision to purchase your products.” Engagement is a two way street and it will not occur to the fullest if you aren’t willing to gear your content to exactly what your audience wants.

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