Ask the Expert: What Are Some Tips for Successful Marketing?

Ask the Expert: What Are Some Tips for Successful Marketing?

Marketing is a general term for a complicated process. If you want to have any hope of succeeding as a business, marketing is incredibly important, however it can be difficult. Marketing is overwhelming and starting a successful marketing campaign can be daunting. That’s why we decided to turn to marketing experts in order to find out what are the best tips for success within the world of marketing. Whether it be finding your niche or making sure that your marketing message comes off genuinely, these experts have advice to help you guide your company to success. 

For Touseef Mirza from ClarityConnects, marketing is more than a nice logo and flashy Facebook ads. “We’re at a place right now where we can’t just talk about numbers and we can’t just talk from a transactional perspective…We need to really go back to humanistic values, we need to come from a genuine place in terms of the way we want to talk about our brand, to show that we really care.” 80% of people want personalization from retailers and 80% of people also view social media as a way to hold brands accountable. Consumers want honesty and transparency and they turn to social media to find it which is also the place where all companies must exist if they wish to interact with their target audience. Being genuine is key and social media makes it easier to see through false fronts. When putting together your marketing plan, it’s important to have a plan in place to make sure your consumers interact with the real YOU, because if you are not honest to your company’s true goals, your consumers will be able to easily see through it. 

Petia Abdur-Razzaaq from The Stylista Group recommends companies find their niche. “As a smaller brand you can’t be everything to everybody.” Even large brands have a target audience, for the brand with less reach it’s important that you set realistic goals for yourself in regards to who you want to reach. Success isn’t always tied with global sales, being able to gear your brand to your own community can also bring you great success. “If you can launch and not be a generalist in whatever you are doing…and hone in on that ideal target audience then the chances of you surviving and being successful just increase ten-fold.” A roofer will find more success gearing their skills towards hurricane proofing in Florida than trying to provide their services across the United States, some companies are meant to always remain within a small niche. For any company however, success begins locally. Take baby steps before you try running. 

This advice is used by large companies like Amazon or Apple, they may have a larger audience but in the end their size does not separate them from the rules of marketing. The key is knowing the purpose and identity of your brand. Do not attempt to create a marketing plan without first understanding who you are as a company, otherwise your messages will be scattered and incoherent. It takes patience, but with time success will come knocking. Do not rush the marketing process as it will serve as the foundation for your company’s continued growth and outreach. 

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