Ask the Expert: What Are the Best Social Media Platforms for Reaching Your Audience?

Ask the Expert: What Are the Best Social Media Platforms for Reaching Your Audience?

It seems that a new social media platform appears everyday, and it can be hard to keep track. From Clubhouse to TikTok to Vero, there are new ways for people to connect which means more audiences for you to reach. However, there are some platforms that every company must have a presence on if they want success. That’s why we asked experts what they felt were the most important platforms for companies to have a presence on. 

Lou Ramirez from Car Guy Coffee says that “in terms of total reach, Facebook is, of course, by far the one that helps you to reach the most. The real business connections have come from LinkedIn.” Lou also notes that Instagram can provide value for connecting with your audience, to him there isn’t one platform that a company should be on, instead “you should spread yourself across all media platforms in a strategic way.” 

Arthia Nixon from Arthia Nixon media also praises Facebook, however she thinks companies should post from their personal pages rather than solely their business profile. To her, it provides more of an opportunity to connect with your audience one-on-one rather than in a generalized sweep. People are wanting more personalization, and they want to see the man behind the curtain. Personalization allows for better connections because it makes you seem more trustworthy and open. 

Zeev Wexler from Wexler, however, is a fan of LinkedIn, and he says it is his number one recommendation to companies. “LinkedIn is the only business platform where you can get organic reach. You can actually meet people you want to meet.” Almost everyone that you could want to do business with will likely be on the platform which is an uncommon opportunity. It is important to gain expertise on LinkedIn because there are so many different ways to reach and understand not only possible clients but also see what strategies your competitors are using. 

Having a presence on social media isn’t easy. It’s important to make sure that you have a strong team backing you and designing the perfect social media strategy. Don’t simply wing it; a well planned social media strategy could be the difference between a success story and a failure. Do your research, understand your audience, and migrate to whatever platform they are using the most. Connecting with your audience is everything and social media is the key to success. 

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