Ask the Expert: What are the Best Strategies for Maximizing Growth?

Ask the Expert: What are the Best Strategies for Maximizing Growth?

As we come out on the other side of COVID-19 companies are now feeling pressure to make up for lost time. How can companies best maximize their growth? That is the question we asked our guests today on “Ask the Expert,” and the answers we received are invaluable. 

David Finberg from Peaks Digital Marketing says that “strategy is easily one of the most important aspects of a successful campaign.” For David, planning is everything. He suggests mapping out every landing page, every keyword and opportunity before coming together to start the campaign; it is vital to do all you can to prepare and perfect your campaign. “We’re not leveraging the data as best we can to identify some of those…low hanging fruit opportunities that could have a 20-30% impact on the bottom line.”

For Ryan Mills from Rowlbertos Media, they look to their self titled “performance model” in order to better track what performs best. By shooting more content than needed, Rowlbertos Media can go beyond the initial content by testing their ads and later down the line creating new content from videos spliced together. He says that “…the performance model is really good for advertising specifically.”

Ryan Redshaw from Boast Digital Marketing says to “try and take users off of paid platforms. Now you are not only able to gain a lead but you are also able to educate them and build more rapport with them.” A lot of marketing today is done online and without the direct person-to-person interaction its important for companies to be as hands on as possible, even remotely. Be there for your customers and make sure they feel valued.  

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