Ask the Expert: What Is the Future of the Business Card?

Ask the Expert: What Is the Future of the Business Card?

If you’ve watched American Psycho then you probably remember the famous business card scene. A ridiculous battle of egos but perfectly captures the importance of the business card. That is your first impression. Are you the type of person who uses Romalian or Garamond Classico font? However in the digital age, business cards have started to gather dust, and with COVID preventing in person interactions, the business card is moving even quicker into becoming a distant memory. At least, that’s how it seems. 

On this week’s episode of “Ask the Expert,” we asked marketers and designers what they thought was going to be the future of the business card. Michelle Calcote King from Reputation Ink believes they are here to stay. “I often tell people that that’s the one piece of marketing collateral that I would invest in in terms of quality.” However, she notes that the business card is due for a new look. “Maybe QR codes are making a comeback. I saw somewhere that QR codes are having their time after years and years of marketers saying that’s a dumb idea.”

Steven Picanza from Latin & Code agrees. He thinks that the business card “will come back in a digital-meets-physical way. We are seeing the use of QR codes a lot now, we are seeing the use of really smart technologies in physical environments that are being forced to adopt.” However, others instead point to social media as the new business card. Gilman Hanson from Hanson Design emphasizes the importance of getting in front of as many people as possible “…through networking…engaging with a lot of people online through LinkedIn and other channels. LinkedIn, to sum it up, is really your primary business card.” 

Instead of worrying about the benefits of an eggshell coloring over bone, look at your social media profiles and make sure they represent you and your brand well. The future lies in LinkedIn profiles and Instagram handles so make sure you are making content not only for your company but for your personal social media as well. In today’s digital age, it’s all connected. However, it is safe to say that once COVID is over, people will return to the good old-fashioned firm handshake. 

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