“Ask the Expert” Experiences During COVID-19

“Ask the Expert” Experiences During COVID-19

For businesses everywhere, COVID-19 has been stressful so this week, we talked to various business owners to get their thoughts and experiences during this difficult season. The resilience of the small business and feedback from loyal customers resulted in an unseen period for development. With all of the struggles COVID-19 has brought, it also has provided companies with a much-needed time for restructuring and reconnecting. 

Kristan Browne from Attriniti says that “This is your opportunity to shine, particularly if you are in some sort of professional service.” She notes that it is important for companies to now take the time to reach out and let their clients know how much they value them. Consumers now more than ever are searching for the next personalized experience and it is important to slow down and take another look at how your company is valuing clients. 

Geoffrey Klein from nine dots is no stranger to the importance of the client and today’s environment has made it especially clear that “People don’t care what your business can do, they only care what your business can do for them.” During times of crisis, it’s important to remind yourself of the fundamentals, and the most important fundamental of all is to know your audience. 

The down time brought by COVID-19 is time best filled by hard work, and businesses today have risen to the challenge. Jake Finkelstein from Method Savvy said how impressed how impressed he was by businesses’ resilience.”Our clients really accelerated transformation and change in a way they felt could better benefit their customers.”

Kristan notes that on a personal level, COVID-19 has forced her to “get super succinct and super clear about my purpose.” Her big advice? Make sure you are honest with your clients, and show your whole, authentic self. 

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