“Biz Buzz” with Aaron Lewis from CIL Jacksonville

Each week on Biz Buzz, our host David Sillick talks to business experts in the community. This week he sits down with Aaron Lewis from CIL Jacksonville.
CIL Jacksonville has empowered the northeast Florida disability community, since 1978. Our agency is part of a national network of over 400 Centers for Independent Living. CIL Jacksonville is consumer driven and flexes to the needs of people with disabilities living in our community.

To learn more check out www.theilrc.org.

So what makes your nonprofit unique?

What makes CIL Jacksonville a little bit different from a lot of agencies that focus what people disabilities is that we help with a broad of services and we don’t concentrate on one aspect. We allow our consumers to gain a better access to independence.

What is your greatest need?

I think a nonprofit goal for any for any organization is having buy in and having community involvement. We rely on donations, if you have a wheelchair you would like to donate or volunteering your time. Participation from the community is always a a goal that we’re working for. We try to expand more into the outlying communities because Jacksonville’s infrastructure and bus system can make it difficult to get wheelchairs and medical beds and stuff that we can provide to those consumers out there. That’s some of our difficulties.

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