“Biz Buzz” with Darren Fox from Idea Marketing Group

Darren Fox                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           President of Idea Marketing Group
Website Address: www.starkdesignny.com

Each week on “Biz Buzz”, our host David Sillick talks to business experts in the community. This week he sits down with Darren Fox from Idea Marketing Group. To learn more, visit https://www.ideamktg.com.

How did Idea Marketing Group get started? 

We are a marketing agency, basically full service. We’ve been in business since 2009. And a lot of our target clients that we go after are a lot of industrial, which is basically manufacturing, and then a lot of health care as well too. So those are kind of our two primary targets that we go after.

How’d you get into the industrial space? 

We saw it was an area that just wasn’t being properly served. So we saw an opportunity to kind of come in there and bring some fresh ideas. A lot of manufacturing kind of relies on some old school techniques like a lot of prep materials and trade shows. And they’ve kind of neglected their Web site which is where we kind of stepped in to give them a better brand image online.

With trade shows being put on hold, have you seen that the industrial sector manufacturing has increased their budgets elsewhere to try to find those same sales leads?

A little bit, but not as much as I would like to see them make that shift. I think a lot of them have held onto it just for reserves, for like a safety net almost, in hopes that some of those trade shows will still come back. So there’s a little bit of a hurdle, but the ones that have jumped into more of the online advertising have been seeing a lot more success.


What are three software tools that you utilize in terms of helping you save time, talent, or treasure within your company?

As far as like staying organized with all the different things that we’re doing, we actively use Asana which is our project management software. For some of our online tools, we use a lot of different programs. Probably one of the more unique ones that I really like is Crazy Egg which is like a heat mapping software that allows us to see the exact spots on a Web site that somebody is clicking on as well as mouse recordings so we can actually watch the movement of how somebody interacts with a Web site. So that one’s really cool too. And then probably a lot of different software tools. I would say probably Google ads would be our next big one that we use quite a bit too.


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