“Biz Buzz” with Jack Sears from North Florida Boy Scouts

Each week on Biz Buzz, our host David Sillick talks to business experts in the community. This week he sits down with Jack Sears from North Florida Boy Scouts.
The North Florida Boy Scouts is proud to be the Jacksonville community’s leading non-profit for youth by offering character education, citizenship training and physical fitness programming.
To learn more check out www.nfcscouting.org

How did you become a Scout executive?

As a kid I was enamored with everything that the Scouting experience had to offer from the outdoor experience to being a leader among my friends. I learned that you could actually get a college degree in nonprofit leadership and go work for the scouts. That was my goal from the beginning and after college I started working for the Boy Scouts and I’ve been with them for 35 years.

What makes scouting relevant today?

Scouting is as relevant today as it was one hundred and ten years ago when we started. Character in young people, learning to do what is right. That makes it relevant. Can we find some relevancy in today’s narrative about that? Being a leader, knowing how to take a group from one organization or one process to another destination, being a good parent, a good person who contributes their time and their talent and treasure both at their home and in the community that they live in. That’s a case for relevancy today more so than we’ve ever needed in our country and community.

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