“Biz Buzz” with Marty Avallone from Working Media Group

Marty Avallone
President and Co-Founder at Working Media Group
Website Address: www.workingmediagroup.com

About Working Media Group:

We are an independent media planning and buying, activation, and analytics agency delivering fully integrated marketing solutions to influence and engage our clients’ consumers along the Path to Purchase. If your company is looking for integrated marketing solutions, Working Media Group is here to provide the most efficient and effective media strategy, regardless of your industry. As a B2C and B2B online marketing agency, we focus on doing the absolute best for our clients through exceptional teamwork and collaboration.

The biggest change in marketing that I see coming in the next 5 years is?

Shifting consumption and ad dollars from linear tv to streaming services including CTV and YouTube.

What percent of your advertising service offerings does media buying make up?


What makes your company unique?

We have a proprietary Transformative Media Process. Our focus is to get results while we gain knowledge. Not simply delivering to (and exceeding) service levels but learning about the audience and media performance at each step. That’s why we have over-invested in strategy, research, and data analytics including proprietary advances in audience segmentation, persona development, media attribution and mix modeling.

What was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome in your business?

Finding and managing talent as our business evolved.

How did you get started?

We started about 15 years ago. I originally come from the tech world. I was with IBM and then I was with a software company; we sold that company. My business partner and I are old friends. We go back to about when we were two years old, so we’re effectively brothers without being real brothers. He came from the media world, and we saw that the world of advertising and technology were converging. This was back in 2005. Google was in its infancy; mobile phones weren’t even around at that time. We realized that that mid-market segment of advertisers was going to be underserved, the world was getting far more complex, and we saw a real opportunity to serve those mid-market advertisers and help them navigate that complexity. That’s really been our mission since the founding.

What is a recent success story?

We’ve got a lot of successful clients, and we’re proud to really help them grow. One that we’ve worked with was a brand new health care insurance provider out in a part of Northwell out of Long Island and the company’s name was Care Connect. They had previously been with a media agency and were struggling to meet their enrollment goals. They cut back the budget. We did have a very deep dive into the New York City media market and realized that they were wasting a lot of their dollars in areas that weren’t going to perform for them. There was a narrow network and most of their client base was going to be in very specific zip codes. We did a deep zip code analysis for them and a brand development index for those zip codes and helped them reposition their media and strategy. The result was with about 30-percent fewer media budget, we were able to double their enrollment period on period.


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