“Biz Buzz” with Max Kabat from West Texan Media Group

Max Kabat
Publisher at West Texan Media Group 
Website Address: www.bigbendsentinel.com

About West Texan Media Group:

Max Kabat is the Publisher and Co-Owner of West Texan Media Group, LLC, owners of The Big Bend Sentinel and Presidio International — two weekly newspapers covering the vast Big Bend Region of far west Texas. He is also Co-Founder of goodDog, a B Corp brand consultancy that helps mostly mid-stage, founder-built, mission-driven brands grow by articulating a single storyline and then bringing it to market.

What was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome in your business?

Exploring the future of local, independent journalism and how it might thrive instead of just survive.

What makes your company unique?

West Texan Media Group — publishing company established in the last 13 months to put out two weekly newspapers in Far West Texas. One bilingual. One for the Big Bend Region — an area with a square mileage larger than the state of Maryland.

The biggest change in marketing that I see coming in the next 5 years is?

Continuing to deal with the societal effects of giving things away for free in order to advertise to people in a more efficient, effective manner.

What makes West Texan Media Group unique?

We have been around for roughly 10 years. We help companies that are mostly founder-led, principle-led, mostly B Corp companies. We are a B Corp, Good Dog is a B Corp, and most of our clients are as well. We have just found this niche of companies. When we started doing it 10 years ago, they were smaller companies; now you have organic companies that are valued at over a billion dollars, and they’re bought by large conglomerates. We help them through particular growth stages in their business, where the current consumer that they’re going after sort of plateaus; how did they get back to growth, how do they get towards the next space as this idea of conscious consumerism becomes a little bit more mainstream.


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