“Biz Buzz” with Nicholas Krzeminski from NJK Productions INC

Nicholas Krzeminski                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Founder of NJK Productions INC

Each week on “Biz Buzz”, our host David Sillick talks to business experts in the community. This week he sits down with Nicholas Krzeminski from NJK Productions INC.
Nicholas is a self employed, event experience producer with a focus on brand experiences and creative experiential installations & builds.

Tell us how you got started in this business.

Well sure. Kind of been interested in events my entire life. I grew up in Detroit, Michigan. I went to a lot of shows and concerts and really kind of got involved on just what events and shows were at a young age. And then through my professional life, ended up into the bar/restaurant industry pretty early on and setting up events within that realm around the city of Detroit and then capitalizing on events for different sorts of business and then moving into — actually, production happened right around 2005. Started getting local with a lot of different things that were happening. Big automotive push in Detroit, obviously, Motor City, so a lot of work tied in that way. Kind of got things off the ground and then consistent travel with work started in 2006. Automotive kept me pretty busy about 90% of my workload for years and years. Moved into retail spaces, moved into brand spaces, various product spaces, experiential build outs, large scale event production, large scale experiential event production kind of followed after that, and it just started steamrolling from there. I’ve been in Portland now for over a decade and just kind of hunkered down and really have just been in and out of various staff and freelance positions and all sorts of brands. And yeah, so over 15 years of lots of hard work and a lot of fun. So that’s where we’re at currently up to 2020.


Tell us about the niche that you’ve carved out in the space.

Yeah. So I really kind of was a jack of all trades for a long time, and I just decided to do everything I physically possibly could to get involved in events. And that was if I was in front of a crowd, if I was pulling a trailer (I had a Class A CDL for nine years), if I was the executive producer on a job, if I was just a producer on a job, if I was a drive guy that needed to move a truck, for me to be whatever it was, I was the one to step into that role. So it really kind of opened up a lot of doors for me. And what I was able to do and then put into a nationwide travel database then progressed into Canada, doing events in some of the provinces in Canada. So it really kind of just expanded, expanded, expanded. But I’d say there’s been a lot of interesting stories over the years that kind of brought me into who I am. Automotive shaped a lot of the core of what I did because the teams that typically that I was part of, the teams that I would manage, the job was you really had to nail down 19 roles. It wasn’t just one. And you had to be very, very transitional, you had to act on the fly, had to think critically, and just work with with everything at hand. So that kind of steamrolled into just this really, really vast and various position that I’ve kind of maintained. So those success stories, currently, working with different retail brands here in Portland, setting up experiential activations across the country, really kind of surprising clients I think has been a great one. We did a job for Adidas here locally, but the job itself was in North Carolina State University. That was April of last year. And it was a build out for just a launch of a shoe. And it wasn’t just any shoe; it was kind of a niche product for them. It was one of their originals brand but it was launched on that campus to really build up some buzz, and we created this newsstand build out. You can see some photos of it on my LinkedIn page. But really some cool work went into that, and it was such a surprise for I think the students, the university, for the brand. The clients were just over the moon with the way it turned out. And it was just kind of one of those where everything kind of hit on all cylinders and everything came together. But yes, some pretty cool wins along the way. Thinking back into my automotive days, I worked on tons and tons of different big installations and build outs. We were in charge of the Ford Racing program that ran around the country and that was a good three day build: three day activation, one day strike. So it all depending on what we were doing. But clients have been pretty stoked along the way with what we’ve been able to do. Obviously, they’ve been involved in the process up to that point, but just really bringing that to life for them. That’s the goosebump moment that I always like to reference. And that’s half of the why.


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