“Biz Buzz” with Bryan Croft from Holmes Custom

Each week on “Biz Buzz,” our host David Sillick talks to experts in the business world. Today, he sits down with Bryan Croft from Holmes Custom. From rubber stamps, name tags, custom signs, and promotional items to personalized gifts, Holmes Custom proudly designs and manufactures quality products in locations across the United States. With secure, easy-to-use websites they make ordering simple for our customers, they even ship your order the NEXT business day! Holmes Custom provides stellar customer service and a smile – just like they’ve been doing since 1954.

Company Name: Holmes Custom

Interviewee: Bryan Croft

Website: https://www.holmescustom.com

How did Holmes Custom get started?

It’s a 66-year-old company. Mr. Holmes started as a rubber stamp company. My father started in the mid-70s as a delivery driver. My father purchased it. About a week later I graduated from UNF with a degree in marketing and started in the family business. I was employee number 10. We had a very successful 40 to 50-year-old company at that time. We had about a million dollars in business and it was your traditional brick and mortar. That’s how I got involved once I got started. So really it was a great opportunity that my family gave me.

How are you positioned in the e-commerce space?

I tell our people that we’ve evolved a lot past just rubber stamps and name badges. But it’s still a core of our business because that was the foundation we were built on. As long as consumers like placing orders on the internet, check that box, that’s not going away anytime soon. We have been paying attention to Amazon, we have this love-hate relationship, like lots of business owners do. We do probably 20-25 percent of our annual revenue on Amazon today. We have roughly 120-130 employees today. About 100 of them are in Jacksonville right here down on the Phillips highway, and we have an office in Austin Texas that has about 10 employees. We have an office right outside of Boston and Salem Massachusetts that has about 14 or so employees. We’re getting ready to go to the west coast at some point this year I believe.

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