“Biz Buzz” with Lindsey Brock from McLeod Brock

Each week on “Biz Buzz,” our host David Sillick talks to experts in the business world. Today, he sits down with Lindsey Brock from McLeod Brock, a state-wide law firm focused on counseling and litigation in the fields of maritime, transportation, commercial, and insurance law.

Company: McLeod Brock, PLLC

Website Address: mcleodbrock.com

Interviewee: Lindsey Brock

How did you become a lawyer?

You know it’s it’s an interesting question because I never really set out to go into law after college. I was encouraged to look into it. I took a minimum wage job with a college degree, convinced my parents let me stay at home during that, worked up to the law firm, and just continued on from there. I enjoyed what I saw and really began to develop a passion.

What is your speciality in law?

I would say it’s transportation and maritime law. So much so that when I got out of law school, I went for another year. I got a master’s in admiralty law, or maritime law, and continue to develop that area of practice.

What’s the greatest challenge that you see in the industry that could affect your business?

One of the greatest challenges that’s coming in on the horizon is automation with autonomous vessels and trucks. It’s going to have, and already is, an impact on the regulatory environment. We’re seeing that on a couple of committees that I sit on and a national level, seeing how automation is creating issues within the industry.

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