“Biz Buzz” with Scott Glazier from Glazier, Glazier & Deitrich, PA

Each week on “Biz Buzz,” our host David Sillick talks to experts in the business world. Today he sits down with Scott Glazier from Glazier, Glazier & Deitrich, a law firm focusing on business law, business transactions, business succession, health care, tax planning, estate planning, and technology law.

Company: Glazier & Glazier, PA

Website Address: www.glazierlawfirm.com

Interviewee: Scott Glazier

What is Glazier, Glazier & Deitrich, PA?

We started in 1999. We practice primarily corporate and business law, tax and estate planning. We try to help people. We work primarily with closely held businesses, local people who own their own business, not public companies. We represent people who want to start their own business from the ground up. We represent people who maybe are changing careers and want to get into a franchise. We help them with that, but we also represent companies that do business throughout the United States and internationally as well.

So the best time to contact a lawyer such as yourself or your firm is not when you need a lawyer, but when you’re getting ready to start a business or grow your business and get your house in order?

I mean one of the things that we deal with is that people will try to do things themselves. I kind of analogize it to going to a gym and buying a gym membership. There’s a lot of things in there that you can do and use, but you really don’t know how to use them. Whereas if you work with a personal trainer, they can guide you through and hopefully not let you injure yourself by doing too much at one time. We kind of do the same thing. We try to guide our clients through the process from start to finish.

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