“Biz Buzz” with Zachary Bennett from B Zachary Bennett

Zachary Bennett
Consultant, Author, Marketing Executive
Website Address: Bzacharybennett.com

About B Zachary Bennett:

B Zachary Bennett is author of Married To Marketing, a relationship guide to business; a marketing consultant; outsourced CMO; keynote speaker; president of Reformation Productions, a full-service Marketing Agency based in Atlanta, Georgia.

What was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome in your business?

Opening up my own agency after leaving the comfort of corporate agencies.

What makes your company unique?

I am here to serve the business community. I invest a lot of time in educating business owners on how marketing works through speaking engagements. I also offer one-on-one consultation and business coaching as well as outsourced CMO services. Reformation Productions partners with other businesses to help them communicate their business in the most efficient and effective ways possible.

What is a tip for success that you would provide someone in your same industry?

Knowledge is power. Proactivity and wisdom pave the way for success.

The biggest change in marketing that I see coming in the next 3 years is?

Things continue to move digital. We will see more audio search interfaces and increased importance on a company’s digital presence.

What have you learned and seen over the past five to six months?

Most of what is going on during this pandemic has to do with people having to play catch-up on their marketing or adjust and pivot from what they were doing before. With the changes that are going on, people can’t just go to the store, go to your restaurant–lots of restaurants are shut down–that sort of thing. And the best thing to do is to take your focus and pivot it towards having a digital presence. A lot of businesses weren’t ready for that.

We have retail stores that didn’t have an e-commerce way to sell their product and all of sudden they found themselves in need of having to develop that in order to stay in business and keep money coming in. I’m actually doing a webinar called Surviving Corona which is about this very subject and the fact that a lot of businesses need to recognize where they are and then what can they do during this time so they come out ahead on the other side of it.


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