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Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generation

With so much talk these days on new labels for social generation groupings, it’s an important topic to address as a media buyer or planner.  Understanding social groups is just another way a media planner can be more valuable in the ever-changing advertising world. It’s a fun and interesting topic, but there are a lot […]

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Email Vs. Text

Email marketing versus text marketing is among the most debated advertising and marketing topics. Nowadays, however, a brand or company cannot justify only communicating with their clients through a single “digital” format.

Email has been a cause of concern and frustration for business professionals and small business owners for decades. The endless pile of messages that […]

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And the Award Goes To….Not the Ratings

The Tony Awards aired last night on CBS. The early returns on data for the Broadway awards show have it indicating a slight uptick in ratings from the 2017 edition.
Award shows as a rule have seen declining viewership over the years. As with most family-centered “appointment TV”, the rise of DVRs, cord-cutting households, and OnDemand […]

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Is the “Price” of Excel Media Planning Worth It?

It happened again…you noticed that your client-approved Excel media budget has an error.  You inadvertently omitted a sub-total in the formula that calculates the grand total on your media plan spreadsheet.  This annual plan is ordered, and that calendar is short the totals from some high-priced, yet extremely valuable, media placements.  It is only after […]

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Banner Ads – Dead or Alive?

Banner ads have been around for more than 20 years and are pretty much everywhere on the internet, waiting for you to scroll or click on a specific link so they can pounce and earn your attention and ultimately your click. Banners come in all sizes and shapes, but all of them share one key […]

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Pandora Vs. Spotify

Where do you put your advertising dollars between Pandora and Spotify?  Attempting to determine the differences between the two groups of listeners is not difficult.  There is a lot of information to be found, and a quick Google search has the capability to overwhelm you with graphs, statistics, charts and comparisons.  Nevertheless, the vital differences […]

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Getting To Know You – Part 4

In the final post of our “Getting to Know You” blog series, we are introducing you to our software architect, Wes Benwick.  Wes is the one responsible for the design and functionality of our amazing software.  BluHorn has been in the media buying game for eight years, but about four years ago our team took […]

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TV: The More Things Change…

In today’s world, the idea of traditional television viewing seems to be a thing of the past. With the major networks still in play, plus hundreds of cable networks and dozens of user-generated internet subscription content all adding in their own unique programming, must-see TV isn’t a label that is used anymore. It is now […]

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Reboot Is the New Black


Americans love a good comeback.  Whether it’s retro toys being produced (Fisher Price is even remaking the rotary phones), a tour by a throwback band (hello New Kids on the Block/Boyz II Men), or a successful re-imagining of a movie (Jumanji is killing it right now at the box office), it proves that you can in […]

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Meet BluHorn Wednesday Webinars!

At BluHorn®, we like to think of our clients as family.  We only want the best for our family, and that is why we have always put such a high priority on customer service. As a media buying software/media planning software, we understand the importance of having data available for users to pull from when needed. […]

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