10 Questions from a Potential User

10 Questions from a Potential User

no contract, easy cancellation BluHornBluHorn loves hearing from potential users.  It is truly our pleasure to speak with you to determine if our software is a good fit for your business/agency.  Oftentimes we speak on the phone, but we can also answer questions via email (send yours to support@bluhorn.com).

Recently we received 10 questions from a potential user that we were happy to answer.  This Q&A discussion may be valuable to other potential users, so we decided to make a blog post out of it!

Take a peek below about some common questions that may help you determine if BluHorn is right for you!

  1. Can I import .html files or upload digital files out of wide orbit?  We allow uploads of .xml, .scx, .sbx and .srx files.  Wide Orbit should support a .xml export.   Can I upload Excel files? – Export to Excel?  We recently added the ability to import .csv files that fit into a template that can be sent to you for formatting.  We are happy to report that all our worksheets and reports can be exported as .csv as well (which translates to Excel).
  2. Can I create and send traffic instructions?  Yes! We have an entire traffic “portal” where you can create and send separate traffic instructions that can include links or even full creative files.  You also have the ability to enter simple instructions on orders sent from the worksheet.
  3. Does this software manage digital, print, OOH, and sponsorship buys or is it just TV and radio? Yes we have customized worksheets for Broadcast TV, Cable TV, Radio, Outdoor, Print, Digital and Services.
  4. Is there a limit on market counts with your subscriptions? Is the limit based on comScore or Nielsen data only, or is there a market limit whether I use a ratings service or not?  Limits noted in the subscription levels are for Comscore & Nielsen, however they are not true “limits”.  We can accommodate as many markets as you subscribe to – they just involve additional charges above what is listed on a subscription level.  There is NO limit to the number of “unrated” markets you enter with any subscription level (and you can still include ratings information, however you have to provide or upload directly).
  5. How good will this be on political buys where rates change on a weekly basis?  We can accommodate tiered rate card uploads which are typical with political buys.
  6. What is the detail available for outdoor, print, and digital – can I show non-media costs such as outdoor production and digital ad serving costs separately from the media elements We have different customized sheets for each type.  You can view the videos on each at bluhorn.com/videos for more detail.  Production is offered as a calculation column in the Outdoor sheet, and there are numerous ways to add/calculate digital.
  7. Broadcast stations generally do not send political rates out as downloadable digital files because they must also post disclaimer information on the rates. Is there a way for them to do this in their software so that it can be caught up in BluHorn files?  They can include comments in an .xml file that will translate in the upload.  This can also be manually populated – and would live in the comments on each line of your worksheet. You can choose whether or not to include those comments in the orders you send to the stations.
  8. Can I have the software show costs by various commission rates – i.e., 10% of gross instead of 15% . Yes, you can set the commission rate for every worksheet at any rate you would like.  The only stipulation is that there is only one commission rate per worksheet.  
  9. How well does this integrate with my billing software and which software does it work best with?  We currently offer integration with Quickbooks Online, and have done a lot of development on this feature.  It allows users to send worksheets to their QB Online account with just a few clicks to generate client invoices.  We have a video on this integration available as well in our Videos section of the website.  And we’re always happy to offer training!
  10. If I have to post cable, how easy will it be to do that?  How easy will it be to match cable invoices?  Our invoice reconciliation and post buy portal allows upload of .txt files from tvinvoices.comradioinvoices.com, etc.  You can also request these files from individual media reps, or you can manually enter invoice line items individually.  For posting, you must be a Rated subscriber.  When loading invoices for matching you select a post book at the same time – line items will show the invoice match up as well as expected ratings vs. actual.


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