Another Happy Customer

Another Happy Customer

We love our BluHorn family of users, and love it even more when they take the time to write a review about us! Whether it be on our social media platforms, our Google search sites, or even via email itself, BluHorn loves to hear from our customers.

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Check out this review from our happy customer, Anthony:
“BluHorn’s customer support is wildly impressive…and I’m not easily impressed. My marketing agency was in the market for new media buying software earlier this year and decided on BluHorn because it had the appropriate combination of price and features. As with learning any new software program, customer service and support is paramount to expediting the learning curve. I emailed the account representative with a question and received a response with an hour, even though she was out of the country. Shortly afterwards, I received an unexpected call straight from the CEO, Mike White. He took the time to listen to me, address my questions and offer solutions in a very patient and professional manner. He even followed up with another call 45 minutes later to present some additional options he thought of. I’m based in Oregon and Mike is in Florida (3 hour time difference), so he did all this between 7 and 8pm his time. Talk about a CEO that isn’t disconnected from his customers! You can have the world’s best software, but if there’s a lack of support to help you use it effectively it’s basically worthless. In this age, I rarely experience such timely and benevolent service from vendors. My agency has decades of experience with numerous media buying software programs and BluHorn is the only one I’d recommend…period.”

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We’ve written about happy customers before. We have a prior blog post on featuring a video that our customer, Brenda, made on her great experience with the software. See it by clicking HERE.

BluHorn prides ourselves on great customer service. From our CEO to our web development team, we like to provide direct customer contact when needed to ensure that user needs are not only met, but that expectations are exceeded.

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