Ask the Experts: Becoming an Entrepreneur

There are more than 400 million entrepreneurs in the world today, which means there is a lot of competition for anyone wanting to get their start. We decided to ask some experienced marketing entrepreneurs for advice to help you jumpstart your business dreams.

When it comes to entrepreneurs, the experience is everything. Joy Loverde of Elder Industry has been an entrepreneur since the mid-80s. She’s seen it all. Loverde’s biggest piece of advice? Find an adviser.

“Not just one adviser, but at least a handful,” said Loverde. She also warns against the temptation to spend big bucks.

“Don’t think that the traditional spending of money is the only way to go,” Loverde said. “I’ve learned that surrounding myself with very smart people who are also savvy financially is the way to go.”

Dave Rohrer from NorthSide Metrics believes in the importance of trying new things. He suggests building up your skillset to make yourself stand out from the rest. 

“Build your own website, test things, break things,” Rohrer said. “Don’t spam Google, that’s bad, but build your own site. Learn not only how to code but also what you think you need to know and try to learn a little bit more.”

It’s easy to find your comfort zone, but great entrepreneurs know when to take risks. Having a wide arrange of skills can help you build your company up. For John Glaser of BathWraps, education is key.

“If you’re not adapting, if you’re not learning, if you’re not growing, in terms of the sources you understand and the opportunities that are out there, you will become obsolete very quickly,” said Glaser.

New sources and trends are always popping up in the digital landscape. So if you want to make it in today’s business world, you have to stay ahead of the curve.

The marketing industry is constantly evolving and because of that, there are more and more opportunities for companies to be created. Don’t hesitate. Find your niche and bring your ideas to life.

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