Ask the Experts: Cord-Cutting

By 2024, half of the homes in the United States will be cord-cutters according to Roku’s most recent projections. These numbers bring up an important question for marketers everywhere: how will their businesses be affected? We asked experts how they are handling cord-cutting and what it is about their company that keeps consumers coming back.

For Greg Dvorken of Return Solutions Inc, cord-cutting is a result of consumers wanting a more individualized experience. “Getting back to having an interface where you can find what it is you want when you want it is one of the driving factors behind cord cutting opportunities,” said Dvorken.

More and more legacy media companies like NBCUniversal are seeing this trend and creating their own streaming services to provide consumers with that personalized interface. 

Dani Pacheco runs Morphological with her mother, and together, they are a dynamic team. For her, she sees the importance of giving individualized attention to her customers.

“We base everything we do on our passion and make sure that every message is delivered the right way,” Pacheco said. “We really try to understand the brand at its best. It’s all about authenticity for us.”

That drive to provide the best experience for her clients pushes Pacheco to stay on top of trends, making sure customers are provided with the best marketing opportunities possible. 

Authenticity is equally as important today given the opportunities cord-cutting provides for small businesses. Consumers want customizable and personable plans, a demand that can be difficult for large companies to deliver.

“Small businesses had to try to rely on traditional media to reach people,” Margarita Eberline of ULTIM Marketing said. “Now they reach people who have cut cords through YouTube, social media, and other forms of media that cost pennies in comparison to traditional.”

The drive for cord-cutting comes from a desire for accessibility, comfort, and personalized content. The struggle now is to find new ways to reach consumers outside of traditional media. With these changes comes an increase in options. Whether it be Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram, there is a media platform out there perfect for your business.

These changes happen fast, but by paying attention to experts you can easily keep up. At BluHorn, we are working hard to keep you updated every week with helpful insight from experts all over the country. Keep tuning in to see what advice we provide you with next.

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