Ask the Experts: Entering the Marketing World

Marketing is an ever-changing industry, and new opportunities to join arise daily! If you are interested, however, it can be difficult to navigate. So, we asked experts in the marketing community what their best advice was for individuals wanting to get into the business.

Sally Golan is the founder of Social Exposure Media, a social media marketing company with a strong focus on creating compelling ads that do more than just raise awareness, increasing sales through storytelling. Her advice? Consistency.

I find that a lot of our clients don’t know how to create content specifically dedicated to social (media),” Garno said. “First of all, social is a whole other beast. It’s a whole other ballgame.”

According to Garno, social media is not a traditional platform like magazines and television when it comes to publishing content.

“It’s usually raw. It’s usually a lot more on the go. It requires a bit more of youthful flair.”

For Maria Traino, creative director of Inspired Studio, it’s all about investing in your craft. Inspired Studia collaborates with entrepreneurs and marketing directors, providing specialized and high-end services that increase their organization’s brand strength through strategic design and marketing.

“I mean as a creative, you know, we put our hearts and our souls into every project and that becomes a little bit challenging,” Traino said. “So that’s why we like to keep our client list small. That way we can really become as invested in our clients as they become in us.”

Traino says Inspired Studio strives to treat its clients with equal importance. She enjoys it because every client brings something different and unique to the table.

“You know every project is different, and I think that’s what’s unique and interesting about what we do, we’re not specialized in one market, not one industry.”

Matthew Hagberg of M&M Marketing emphasizes the importance of time management and structuring your attention.

“Dig into one area of focus at a time,” Hagberg said. “There’s a lot of people that I see that want to enter into the arena and rather than going and finding one coach that can guide them along the way, they will go out, and they’ll find a bunch of different concepts all of which can work. However, because there is no real focus on it it’s hard for them to see success.”

Marketing is a wide field with thousands of different directions to run in. Find what part of marketing works best for you and take advantage of this ever-changing business to grow your own endeavors!

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