Ask the Experts: Hiring Outside Agencies

Sometimes the workload is too much. You’re stretched thin and struggling to meet deadlines. It’s stressful and unbelievably frustrating. It’s moments like these when it might be best to work with an outside agency.

There are marketing and advertising businesses out there designed specifically to come in and help your business flourish, giving you more time to do your tasks, rather than leap around the company balancing out everyone’s workload.

For Sacha Connor of Virtual Work Insider, outside agencies are more than just helpful, she looks to them as business partners.

“The reason it was important to have those external partners was perspective,” Conner said. “I leaned on them to bring in a new perspective to me.”

It’s hard not to be meticulous when it comes to running every aspect of your company. Sometimes, you just look at things too closely. An outside agency can help you take in the big picture. However, we are all human and mistakes can fly under the radar. An extra set of eyes can see what you didn’t.

Hiring an outside agency means hiring someone with experience, someone who knows how to help. Two heads, after all, are better than one!

Another good reason for hiring an outside agency is financial benefits. According to Marc Brookland of SEO Locale, it can be extremely cost-effective to hire an outside agency as opposed to hiring a new full-time employee.

“You have to pay for other benefits and training,” Brookland said. “Someone who is in charge of an entire marketing department isn’t going to be as hyper-focused on one specific piece of your marketing strategy.”

It’s critical to know when you need to bring in help and when you don’t. It can save you money and provide a fresh perspective on your marketing strategies. But on top of that, hiring an outside agency gives you some of your time back, according to Ben Prager of Prager Creative. And we all know time equates to money.

So, start managing your time more wisely and go with the most cost-effective option. It can improve your working environment astronomically.

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