Ask The Experts: How does Marketing change across different businesses?

Kathy Belletty
I predominantly help schools with the admissions process because when you think about admission sales marketing and marketing all in line with each other. I actually helped them.

Chris Yano
It is unique because we’ve focused on the home services industry by accident or the past twelve years in the digital space. So they preclude marketing search engine optimization Web site development socially and things of that nature.

Spencer Powell
So we’re a digital marketing agency in Coral Springs and our focus is on helping the construction space. So we work with a lot of homebuilders revolvers contractors primarily due content marketing and in fact marketing in it just so happened that I was looking for new customers and I got sucked into.

Chris Yano
A niche that I wasn’t expecting but one that’s proved to be very lucrative and certainly a lot of our customers have massive media buy in broadcasting. So it all works well together.

Todd Evans
So we mostly market ourselves to ad agencies and our elevator pitches we make it simple easy and profitable to utilize and recommend LGBT media.

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