Ask The Experts: What are your favorite softwares to use in marketing?

Eric Mitchell
I love that question. We of course use PR Newswire. It has a great staple of content.

Zontee Hou
Firstly there is Rival IQ, which allows us to build a competitive social media landscape for our clients and track those over time and better understand what’s happening, not only with conversations around the brands, but also what those competitors are doing more or less effectively.

Ted Galluci
We use software such as WordPress and Google Keyword Planner as far as the research. For WordPress that really is a responsive platform which allows us to be really creative as far as making the site, make sure that what we’re seeing in place is really building up from the right foundation from day one, so that everything we’re plenty in place as far as the keywords is going to make the client happy.

Zontee Hou
The second tool that we use very consistently is called Meltwater social, which is from Meltwater of course. It allows us to gather broad sets of social listening around topics so we can build a profile for all of the brands within a client’s portfolio or around a specific conversation in their industry. so that we can better understand what’s happening, not only on social media, but on blogs, in the news, in forums et cetera. That way we can better analyze the conversations and the trends that are happening within that specific space.

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