Ask the Experts: What changes are coming to the digital world?

The wide world of digital media is rapidly changing. That’s why it’s important to make sure your company is up to date on all of the changes and risks within the digital realm. 

We recently spoke to some experts in digital media to get their perspective and help you know what steps to take in keeping up with the times.

Nicole Newville is president of Kose, a media agency that focuses on business relationships. With an overload of analytics, their ability to bring clarity to the complexity of consumer behavior, trends, values, and motivations enables them to connect brands with their audiences seamlessly. 

Newville knows that the digital world is no small thing, and when interviewed, she voiced her concerns with privacy.

“I’m a little more conservative when it comes to home audio devices and smart speakers,” Newville said. “I guess for me that’s an industry trend. Just be more aware and figuring out where your barriers are when it comes to privacy. I don’t think people take that seriously.”

Marty Agius, vice president of Semcasting Inc., has watched digital marketing grow since it first took off. Working with a company that helped change the world of direct marketing, Agius observed the web cookie fade out of popularity.

“We’re all seeing it right now in today’s environment,” Agius said. “The cookie is slowly or maybe rapidly dying. Semcasting Inc. actually introduced a patent that allowed us to target households on the demographics of the household as opposed to targeting people on past inferred behavior.”

There’s more changing in the digital realm than just the technology. The work environment is changing as well. Scott Gillum of Carbon Design is paving the way agencies operate.

“When I was in an agency environment, I saw a lot of millennials who would work for a month and then they took a month off and explored South America,” Gillum said. “I just saw that nine to five, five days a week, working in an office environment just didn’t fit a lot of people.”

By operating around freelance talent and putting them on project teams, Gillum is able to create a working environment more similar to movie production. It creates more opportunities, a less stressful environment, and most importantly, better quality work.

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