Worksheet Defaults and the Knowledge Base

This week on “BluHorn Live,” our hosts Wes Benwick and Marie Meyer discuss an exciting new feature on BluHorn, worksheet defaults. If you’ve been using BluHorn, you are aware that our program will check for default settings on campaign defaults. Our users have been asking for worksheet defaults for some time, and we are excited to finally provide you with the feature you asked for.

It’s important to note with this feature that this is forward-facing only. Worksheet defaults will only work on new worksheets from here on out.

People tend to make changes to these worksheets on a case-by-case basis. Some may want to hide impressions or secondary demo. Therefore, we have made these features to operate by worksheet type, making it more customizable for your needs.

Another topic discussed on this week’s show was the detailed Knowledge Base available on BluHorn. We strive to make our buyers’ lives easier. The Knowledge Base was created to help you find information quicker and easier. Accessing Knowledge Base is simple. Just go to the life raft icon and look to the related Knowledge Base entries. This will pop up based on where you have been spending the most time on the BluHorn page.

If you want to go more in-depth, you can go to the support icon and click the Knowledge Base option on the menu. We have a variety of categories with numerous entries. Simply type in a topic and there will most likely be an answer that will pop up in the search.

At BluHorn, we always want to hear from you! Our Knowledge Base is constantly growing thanks to the questions our users submit. If you can’t find the answer to your question in our Knowledge Base, simply click the life raft and send us a detailed inquiry. You can even upload files to provide us with visuals so we can better solve your issue.

BluHorn is more than just a media planning and buying software. We developed BluHorn to help you understand media beyond the buying process. We have a glossary filled with important terms to understand as a media buyer and a support team ready to help you at every turn. At BluHorn, we want you to have all the knowledge and features necessary to succeed.

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