BluHorn Makes Telecommuting Simple for Media Buyers

BluHorn Makes Telecommuting Simple for Media Buyers

Media buyers and planners work in an array of ways.  From freelance buyers who work from home in their down time to the big league agency directors in a corner office with a view, BluHorn gives equal opportunity to access media buys from anywhere in the world.





Many competing media buying programs require subscribers to download software on to a computer hard drive.  This ties a buyer or planner to a specific computer in order to access data.  Moreover, the hundreds of orders and campaigns entered must be saved and backed up on a server or hard drive that is housed in one location.

BluHorn is 100% web based.  We require no software downloads, no server space, and no requirement for subscribers to be at a certain computer to access their account and information.  BluHorn understands the need for buyers and account managers to be able to access information from anywhere.  Whether you need to pull up a report at a client’s office to show them the full reach and frequency of their campaign, or if you need to access a worksheet from your tablet to make a quick change to the week’s broadcast television buy, it’s all easy to do with BluHorn.

Taking a budget and putting the buys together is just the beginning for a buyer or planner.  Entering make goods, changing flight dates, accessing client and vendor databases, or pulling a billing report has never been easier.

Telecommuting rose 79 percent between 2005 and 2012, and now accounts for more than 3.2 million workers according to the American Community Survey.  Media buyers and planners are a good portion of that number.   The freedom to access your work from anywhere is one of the things that BluHorn is most proud of.  We want the software to work for you, your client and your company.  With the ability to log on to your account from your smartphone, tablet or any computer with an Internet connection, we hope to facilitate the success of your buying efforts.









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