Customize Your Vendor Orders

Customize Your Vendor Orders

You’ve done it!  You’ve completed your buy and you’re ready to send!  It’s been a long process of building the buy, negotiating rates and massaging the weeks and counts to get everything just right.  You have even completed the (sometimes difficult) task of obtaining client approval. This means you are ready to send the order off to the rep.  However, before you do so, you want to edit the information that you include on your station order.

At BluHorn® we understand that every buyer is different.  Even relationships with vendors vary from one to another.  This is why we allow each media buyer or media planner to send orders to their individual reps with individual preferences.  You can choose to hide data or columns that are not needed for that particular order, station or representative.   Things like net or gross cost, CPM, CPP, or even station call letters can be hidden on the orders that get sent through the system or via your email.  With just a few clicks, you can choose what appears on the order to each rep that you are sending to.

Watch our latest video, “Customize Station Orders“, to see how easy it is to follow a few steps to get your orders just right before sending them off.

Check out our website at, view our YouTube channel, or even follow us on Facebook for more information.  Stay up to date with all the ways that BluHorn can streamline your buying process.  We integrate with Nielsen or comScore ratings, or work with your own acquired rating information to help you attain your goals.  We also offer integration with Quickbooks Online to streamline your invoicing process.  It is our goal to make media buying and media planning a very user-friendly experience, allowing our customers to make their platform feel custom to their preferences.

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