Customize Your View

Customize Your View

At BluHorn®, we know that every buyer is different.  Each planner has their own ways of putting together buys and plans.  Each individual prefers different ways to view their data.  Each buyer has a priority order of different media efficiencies.  Changing a buyer’s habits and preferences is not a goal for BluHorn.  We want media buying and media planning to be simple and user-friendly within our software.

BluHorn has a way to let your worksheets work for you.  Watch our latest video,”Customize Worksheet View“, to see some of the ways you can change the pre-buy worksheet to make planning and buying easier for your agency.

Whether working with Nielsen or comScore ratings, or working with your own acquired rating information, BluHorn is an affordable and user-friendly software that can accommodate any worksheet type.  Broadcast television, cable television and radio are just the beginning.  We also have custom worksheets for print, digital, outdoor and services.

Check out our website at or view our YouTube channel, or even follow us on Facebook for more information, and stay up to date with all the ways that BluHorn can work for you!

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