Daily Buying View on BluHorn

This week on BluHorn Live, our hosts Wes Benwick and Marie Meyer discussed Daily Buying Views and other new updates on our software!

At BluHorn, we found that many of our customers wanted to get into daily buying and have the ability to have two spots on Monday and Tuesday versus three spots a week. This information is available to both rated and unrated users. To access the daily view, go to your Edit Worksheet page and scroll down to Use Daily View. Once you turn it on, you have access to your data from daily buys.

We are not completely done with implementing the daily buy tool. We want to merge this into all of the tools available on BluHorn. While it is available to be looked at and played with, we are wanting to make the daily buy tool even more specific in order to make it easier for you to pass the information on to your reps.

On top of the daily buy tool, we have a new update to BluHorn regarding color codes on Post-Buy. If it’s green it is an exact match. Blue means the metric you are tracking performed under what was expected, while red means the metric performed over what was expected. This makes it easier for you to see issues quickly and easily.

Another update we have, the daypart sort is now in the correct order of the daypart rather than alphabetical. It’s now ordered by time from early morning until overnights. It’s different for TV and radio, due to the different codes, however, the update applies to both.

Our users spoke, and we listened. We are always open to suggestions. We want to build BluHorn around what you want. Our software is meant to make your media buying life easier. So let us shape it to fit your needs!

To learn more about how BluHorn can assist you in your media buying and planning efforts, please visit bluhorn.com.

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