Don’t Quote Me

Don’t Quote Me

If you follow social media profiles on on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, you know that we are fans of posting interesting media buying, marketing, advertising and/or planning quote images. We thought it would be a great time to share our top five favorite quotes!

1. We all have that client. The client that thinks it’s scary to “omit” anyone because they could be a customer. A client that refuses to believe that they have a target demographic. They want to challenge media buyers and our ability to put the mass in mass media. Instead we have to remind them of this very line. They need to find a target and stick with it…at least for a quarter, right?

2. Media buying and media planning take place as a result of data. Buyers and planners love seeing rankers, index graphs, population heat maps and qualitative snapshots that allow us to prove to the client that we have a strategy behind the recommendations in place. We can show that certain medias perform better for certain audiences. Ignoring data and historical information is blindly throwing darts in a market and hoping that one or two hit the target.

3. This quote is so important. It can be difficult convincing a client that a few very targeted spots make more of an impact than the tonnage that they were hoping for. It’s quality not quantity most of the time. Reach and frequency aren’t just about the number of ads, it’s about the impressions achieved.

4. We have blogged previously about the, sometimes challenging, relationship between planning and creative. A planner or buyer can put together the best plan for advertising success, but if the creative is terrible, there’s really no point. It’s a struggle that has gone on as long as there have been advertising agencies.

5. This quote is so relevant in our industry. It’s easy for clients, and even buyers, to get comfortable and “stuck” in the same old medias they’ve always purchased. Some new clients I’ve come across have even been buying the same programming for many years without taking a peek at how those program ratings may have changed. They have forgotten to evolve with the world’s media consumption. For these folks, it might be a good idea to change things up to avoid becoming stale. They may even *gasp* reach a new audience of potential customers!

We hope these quotes have made you laugh or at least take pause to think about our industry. We will continue to post quotes that we find relevant to the planning and buying community. Please share any great quote images you’ve come across. BluHorn was created for media buyers, by media buyers – there’s no reason our social media quotes can’t be collaborative as well!

A final honorary mention, and possibly my personal favorite:

No description necessary. Except the last image of “What I actually do” can now be a picture of a BluHorn screen 🙂

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