Getting to Know You – Part 1

Getting to Know You – Part 1

We are a family here at BluHorn®. It is important to us that we make our customers feel like a part of that circle.  We enjoy the time we spend working with our clients to get them up and running, training and answering questions. During this process, we establish relationships that we truly value.

We thought you might want to get to know some of our BluHorn employees.  We will be doing a series of blogs that introduce you to some members of our staff that keep the system running strong.

Our first introduction is with our Vice President of Client Relations and all around rock star, Courtney Nichols.

What is your role at BluHorn?

Vice President of Client Relations


How long have you been with the software? 

Nearly 2 years.


What did you do before you were with BluHorn? 

I worked as an agency account executive for our sister company, Client Focused Media.  In what feels like a former life, I worked on construction sites as a Project Manager. It may sound strange, but anything with asphalt was my favorite.


What’s your favorite part of working for BluHorn/in the software biz? 

I love BluHorn’s user base! They are talented, intelligent people. It can be difficult to learn something new and I enjoy helping people through that process.


What’s your favorite feature of BluHorn? 

Our ratings integrations are so sophisticated on the backend, yet easy to manipulate as a user. After 7 years of not having this feature, I have enjoyed watching our development teams work their magic! Additionally, the new Import Wizard is exciting. It makes avail uploads easy and successful.


What do you wish people knew about BluHorn?

BluHorn is intuitive software that can help streamline the buying process. We are very receptive to the needs of our users and do our best to incorporate their feature requests.


Where do you live/what BluHorn office are you located in? 

I live just outside Washington, DC. With a spouse who is a Naval Aviator, we never know where we will end up, but this is my favorite duty station thus far. You have to grow where you are planted, but the proximity to our nation’s capital makes that part easy.


How long have you lived in Washington D.C.? 

This is our 4th year here. It is the longest I have lived anywhere since 2005.


What do you like to do in your free time? 

I love to go into the city, head to a museum or just walk around the monuments. No matter how often I see the Lincoln Memorial or Washington Monument, I am mesmerized each time.


Describe your BluHorn experience in one word. 


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