Getting to Know You – Part 3

Getting to Know You – Part 3

In a continuing effort to show our users and potential users the family feel that BluHorn has, I’m stepping out from “behind the curtain” to offer the 3rd installment of our “Getting To Know You” series.

I am Marie Boian-Meyer, and have been with BluHorn since the software was acquired and re-coded.  It’s been an incredible ride to be on.

What is your role at BluHorn?

Vice President


What did you do before you were with BluHorn?

I worked as media director/buyer/planner for ad agencies in Jacksonville, Florida and Chicago, Illinois.  Having the buyer perspective and experience has been an invaluable tool for working with our current clients, as I’m able to empathize with their needs.


What’s your favorite part of working for BluHorn/in the software biz?

I love seeing the back end of a buying software.  I’ve worked with several softwares in my years as a buyer, and seeing what all has to come together on this side of the table is fascinating!


What’s your favorite feature of BluHorn?

I love the Import Wizard.  It makes uploading avails and/or proposals a snap for users regardless of subscription type.  This makes a buyer’s life faster and more efficient – which is the end goal for all of us!  The Import Wizard blazed the trail for our Manage Data and Grid Systems, giving users the ability to make quick batch edits to lines and columns.  This has been a game changer, and another way to help expedite the buying process.


What do you wish people knew about BluHorn?

I wish our customers and potential customers could see the dedicated hearts of our leadership team.  We truly are a family that works hard and takes pride in our work.  We value every customer and relationship, and work hard to make sure that everyone gets the most positive experience as a BluHorn user!


Where do you live/what BluHorn office are you located in?

I live in suburban Chicago, but to anyone outside of the area it’s just “Chicago”.  I have lived in Illinois my entire life and love the Midwest for the family focus and friendly people.  I try to translate that feeling to our customers on a daily basis.


How long have you lived in Chicago?

I’ve lived in Illinois my whole life, but have been in the Chicago area in one place or another since 2002.  There’s so much to see and do here that it’s hard to ever imagine leaving!


What do you like to do in your free time?

I have four children, so my free time is mainly spent with them.  My husband and I love taking our kids to different places in the area to experience all that Chicago has to offer.  I also am a huge theater fan, and have been involved with live theater and community theaters since I was in high school.  I don’t get on the stage these days with young kids at home, but I will again someday when they’re older!


Describe your BluHorn experience in one word.


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