Helpful Tips on Ratings Worksheets

This week on BluHorn Live, our hosts Marie Meyer and Wes Benwick offer helpful tips as well as provide you with a handy mental checklist that will ensure you get the most accurate ratings data possible.

From time to time, BluHorn gets customers who are concerned that their Nielsen ratings data is not showing up properly. This is often an unfortunate case of user error. However, it’s an error that the customer can easily fix.

Once you have manually input lines or an avail into your worksheet, double-check to make sure you have added vendors and stations before deciding to upload everything all at once. If you have nothing selected in a row, you will not be able to obtain the ratings data.

Another important step is to make sure all of your campaign dates match up with your worksheets. If a time period is not checked, data will not come through!

Unchecked columns are easy to miss. It’s a common slipup amongst our BluHorn users. Just try to remember to always go back over your forms once more before finalizing them. Zeros, however, can show up in data and not be a result of user error. If there are not enough vendors to draw ratings from, the data will come out as zero.

There can also be hiccups within the demographic collection. Make sure you are using the correct collection method for your size and that you have the correct field selected, whether it be your HUTs or shares. Also, make sure to populate your primary demographic as well. The secondary is unnecessary, but if you’re expecting data, you must select the primary.

If you are still experiencing issues with your ratings data after following these suggestions, you can reach out to our BluHorn Customer Success Team by using the Life Ring located on the dashboard. Also, be sure to check out our Knowledge Base. There’s a wealth of information inside that can make your BluHorn experience even better.

At BluHorn, we want to make your job as a media buyer easier. From our excellent customer service to our FAQs, there are numerous tools available at your fingertips.

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