How to Get Organized with the Google Tasks App

How to Get Organized with the Google Tasks App

To-do apps are gaining people’s attention as a result of the amount of time people spend operating their mobile devices. Manual to-do lists are becoming a thing of the past, as paper and pencil are rarely carried with mobile devices available. Everything is going digital and in order to keep up, you need to flow with the trend to be more productive.

To-do apps help to keep your daily tasks in check. They provide you with a quick and convenient way to create, view and perform all the items on your to-do lists.

Google Tasks app is meant to simply provide you with easy and concise ways of tracking your tasks. Unlike other to-do apps, the Google Tasks app enables you to not only manage and create multiple tasks and sub-tasks but to also set due dates and add details.

Having a Google account makes it possible for you to access your tasks on any device.

Here is how to get started with Google Tasks:

Download Google Tasks

For android users, the Google Tasks app can be downloaded from Google Play, and iOS users can access the app from the App Store. If you are an android user, the app will require your Google account to identify your location. You can simply accept or decline if you don’t want it.

The app is activated once you click on the get started option. If you use iOS, you will be asked which Google account you would like to use and need to click on the correct account. Your permission is needed to send you notifications, and allowing this will alert you whenever your tasks are due.

My Tasks

Tap the button at the My Tasks screen to add new tasks. Type the task you want to enter and click on the Save button. All the tasks you have previously entered are found in My Tasks.

Add More Information

To add more information to your tasks such as details, sub-tasks, and due dates click the task which will bring up another screen. Click on the field you wish to add details you want to save. Click on the link to add date information, after which you will click the OK button to save the date. Also, click on the link to add sub-tasks and by clicking done, your additional information has been saved.

Create Another Task

To return to My Task screen, click on the Back button. Click the Add new task to create another task. Repeat the process you completed with the first task. Click the + button and click the icon with the horizontal lines to add details to the task. Click the calendar icon to select the due date. To store the tasks click save.

Sort Tasks

When you are done with creating tasks, return to the My Tasks screen. Note that you can sort your tasks by due dates instead of the order they were created. To do this click on the ellipsis icon on the lower right of your My Tasks screen. You can choose to give your list a different name other than the My Tasks it is normally saved with. You can always choose to delete your completed tasks by clicking delete.

Complete a task

Click on the Complete Task circle to complete your task. The task will disappear from your list and appear in the list of completed tasks. You can click on Completed if you wish to see the tasks you have completed. Tasks completed can be moved back to your active list by clicking on their checkmarks.

Create Multiple Lists

As earlier stated, the Google Tasks app allows you to create multiple lists of tasks. To do so click on the hamburger icon on the lower left part of your screen. Click the create a new list to type a name for the new list and then click Done. To add a new task click on the Add New Task button and save.

Switch Lists

You can view from a list to another by clicking on the Hamburger icon to select the list you want to view.

View Anywhere

One great thing about the Google Tasks app is that you can access your task lists on your computer or mobile devices. PC access can be via your web browser on the Google Tasks website.


There are many great reasons why you might prefer the Google Tasks app above other to-do apps:

  1. If you currently use Google Calendar, Gmail and Google drive, it is very simple to use the Google Tasks app.
  2. It is easy to add items to a general list. This will also allow you to create separate lists for special topics.
  3. If you are a Type-A kind of person, Google tasks are certainly what you need. It has a clean and minimalist layout which will allow you to organize your tasks and streamline your to-do list.
  4. It allows you to add additional details and due dates by simply clicking on a task. The date feature helps you stay on top of tasks that need immediate attention.
  5. Your list is arranged chronologically according to the due date each task was assigned.
  6. Google Tasks allows for editing and correction. You can easily move a task from one list to another.
  7. When a task is completed, it can be moved to the “Completed” folder with one. You can either sort or delete any and all completed tasks.
  8. With the new version of Google, you can also access the app through your desktop.
  9. Emails can be dragged and dropped into your tasks in order to quickly and easily create a new item in your list.
  10. Google Tasks is free to download on either Andriod or iPhone devices.
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