Importing Avails is a Snap with BluHorn®

Importing Avails is a Snap with BluHorn®

Time is money when it comes to the life of a media buyer.  The more you can input, the more you can buy!

When entering radio and television buys into a media buying system, manual entry can be a major drain on time and efficiency.  Line by line entry is necessary at times, but not when trying to get a campaign in for a client that wants to start ASAP.

BluHorn® has a solution for that!  Station avails can be imported directly into a BluHorn worksheet using our Import Wizard feature!  Requesting avails in the proper format is as easy as sending a request to representatives to submit their avail or proposal in a .xml file.  We also work with .scx, .srx and .sbx file types.  The only work required to start an import is simply getting the campaign and worksheet type set up…the rest is a breeze.  This feature is just another way that BluHorn works hard to make a media buyer or media planner’s life easier!

This quick video from our YouTube channel, shows how quickly and easily you can upload an avail into an existing BluHorn worksheet.

Once your worksheet is ready – our system makes it easy to update ratings using a Nielsen or comScore integration.  Visit to learn more about integrating ratings data with your BluHorn subscription.  We have a package that will fit all user needs and works with the size and scale of your agency or business.

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