LIVE Monday Meetups!

LIVE Monday Meetups!

BluHorn takes pride in our customer support, and that includes our opportunities for customer training and growth.  We have offered “Wednesday Webinars” as part of our free initiatives to our subscribers for over a year.

Now, BluHorn is moving these training opportunities to Mondays at 10:30am EST, and have changed the name to MONDAY MEETUP!

These LIVE in-studio sessions feature members of our BluHorn team walking users through one of our latest features, FAQ topics, or training hot spots. The screenshare allows users to see the topic in real time, and our chat feature will allow questions as we go.

In addition, we will follow the tutorial with a live discussion of the latest updates and upcoming developments to the BluHorn platform.  We invite users to call in and video chat with us LIVE to discuss what’s going on in the industry or what’s happening in the platform at their discretion.

Media buyers have challenging schedules, we know.  For this reason, we record all of our Monday Meetup sessions for quick and easy playback.  Prior episodes can be requested by emailing

We hope you can join us and be a part of these informative and interactive sessions.  We look forward to all the upcoming topics.  All information can be found on our EVENTS page.

Thank you for being a part of our BluHorn family!

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