Media Buying Made Easy with Real-Time Updates and Simplified Calculations

Media Buying Made Easy with Real-Time Updates and Simplified Calculations

The most time-consuming tasks when placing a media buy are gathering, organizing and analyzing information. Media buyers know that costs per unit and spot efficiencies all have to be calculated on an ongoing basis to ensure the buy is meeting the campaign goals. BluHorn tackles this tedious process by incorporating real-time updates and calculations during all steps of media procurement.

Having recently completed a major software renovation, BluHorn users can now see updates to all numbers in real-time. This improvement eliminates the process of having to save data after each line is entered.  Now, as individual units are entered, the totals are automatically updated in the “Summary” section, making it easier to stay on track with budget restrictions and efficiency goals.  BluHorn’s latest updates have also allowed for simplified navigation through the worksheets, which operate similarly to an Excel document, allowing quick keyboard strokes to go from field to field. BluHorn offers customized worksheets that help businesses streamline their purchases of all forms of media, including broadcast television, cable television, radio, print, outdoor and digital.  Watch our videos to learn how BluHorn can streamline your media buying experience.

Our main goal at BluHorn is to increase efficiencies for media buyers. We have achieved this with real-time updates and simplified data entry. Balance your workload, save time and buy with BluHorn.

To learn more about how BluHorn can help your agency gain a competitive edge in the marketplace, request a demo today.

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