Media Buying Software

Media Buying Software

After brainstorming and deciding what media outlets align best with your company and advertising style, the only thing left to do is buy! While media planning and buying typically happens consecutively, BluHorn ensures a smooth transition for you or your team.

What’s the difference between Media buying and media planning?

The main difference between the two is media planners select and test different medias to pair with a customer’s marketing strategy. On the other hand, media buyers negotiate media prices, rates– and affordability in order to purchase media, which is then used to advertise a company or their product. Media buying includes strategic and correct placement of ads, in addition to researching future potential ad placements. The role of media in advertising is almost mandatory; without media, there is no advertisement.

Media planning plays a large role in the media buying process. It ensures that before buying, customers are satisfied with their choice of media. It allows media planners to research, gather, sort, and analyze media outlets. This is ultimately the most crucial aspect of the advertisement process. It sets the foundation for media buying later on down the road.

Many companies create software that focus solely on media planning. However, BluHorn is one of the few that emphasize services for both media planning and buying, canceling confusion and saving the pockets of customers.

So, what IS media buying?

Media buying is simply taking a commercial, billboard ad, newspaper ad, or other sales message and making sure it is exposed by an audience. In this day and age, the list of media available to use seems almost infinite. Due to the exponential growth of the internet, many other types of digital media is being utilized for advertising. Including social media, email marketing, Pay-Per-Click, YouTube/video ad, and more. Fortunately, BluHorn is compatible with most media outlets to give customers a wide variety of options to choose from and test what works best for their company. Our software also allows customers to see what mediums will work for them and those that do not necessarily fit their goal.

Okay, so why should I choose BluHorn for my media buying and planning?

BluHorn is a great choice if you are looking to manage budgets, track your spending, and maximize resources. Our software is not only modernized and continually updated, but we also pride ourselves in being wicked fast and reliable (not to mention our super customer service).


“I chose BluHorn because it actually is a process that fits within what I’m used to seeing as far as planning media and buying media. It’s very dynamic. The great thing about BluHorn is their customer service. I like the open source of the product. The customer/user experience is considered in the evolution of the product.” –Brenda Bowman


BluHorn knows that there is always room for improvement. We allow suggestions and feedback to better serve our customers and potential customers. We want to ensure that your media buying process is both commendable and effective. BluHorn offers many opportunities and capabilities that are always made available to our users.

We understand that searching for ad placement and compatibility can get tedious and overwhelming. BluHorn was created by media buyers for media buyers, so we know all your struggles and frustrations. That’s why we have made it easy for you to try our software first-hand so you can see how life-changing it really is.

We not only look at the data and numbers, but we also take into consideration the impact of your advertisements and that your money is being used for what it should be. BluHorn wants to be sure that your product and advertisements are performing at the highest efficiency possible. Customer and product satisfaction are equally important to us. We want your confidence in us to be as strong as your confidence in your business, project, or product. In our software and services, we provide Brand strategies, data analytics, advertising campaigns, content marketing, and advanced technology, which are all designed to help achieve your end goals.


We’re always here for you!

BluHorn is always willing to work with customers as they continue to learn the software along the road. We know that it can sometimes be difficult to learn new software on your own so we are always available to help. You’ll benefit by using our software by saving time and money. Start by taking our software for a Request Demo and see how it can benefit you.


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