Meet BluHorn Wednesday Webinars!

Meet BluHorn Wednesday Webinars!

At BluHorn®, we like to think of our clients as family.  We only want the best for our family, and that is why we have always put such a high priority on customer service. As a media buying software/media planning software, we understand the importance of having data available for users to pull from when needed. We are constantly striving to expand the resources that we make available to our family of customers and potential customers.

Our latest endeavor has been the implementation of WEDNESDAY WEBINARS!

Every Wednesday at 2:00pm Eastern time, we offer a FREE 20 minute webinar for BluHorn users or interested parties. 

These quick sessions allow users to log in to a GoToMeeting, and see live demonstrations and tips regarding some of our most frequently asked questions or support ticket inquiries.

We started the webinars this week, covering the seemingly basic but frequently questioned topic of setting up vendors.  A walk through of the process kicked off the webinar, followed by a discussion of frequent support ticket issues, BluHorn recommended tips and concluded with a short Q&A.

Future topics planned include getting started with our Nielsen or comScore ratings integration, sending orders directly through the platform, hidden shortcuts and customized options for worksheet views, etc.  Our website now has a calendar feature that allows users to view the upcoming events and plan for which webinars best suit their needs or interest.

“Giving users the ability to view demonstrations of specific BluHorn features, while simultaneously receiving tips and best practices that will help them to avoid future hiccups is an exciting new venture” says VP of Client Relations, Courtney Nichols.  “We have always offered videos on our website for these processes, but providing additional coaching on how to best use each piece of the software in a live, conversational format should prove to be very valuable to our users.”

We are hopeful that the webinars continue to grow in popularity and function.  We encourage users to provide suggestions for future topics.  Submissions can be sent at any time to

Dial in information can be found in the event description each week at

We’ll see you on Wednesday!

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