Rio or Bust: Advertising and the 2016 Summer Olympics

Rio or Bust: Advertising and the 2016 Summer Olympics

NBC has made a mega-investment in the 2016 Summer Olympics. Not only did the network have to negotiate the US rights to air the games, as reported by CNN, NBC also invested over $100 million in marketing. This risky business of Olympic size financial proportions has served NBC well in the past. The London and Sochi Olympics pulled record-breaking viewership numbers, and this year should be no different. However, these big numbers mean big fees for ad space.

If ad placement in the big leagues of summer skills isn’t within your clients’ budget, encourage them to use this time to engage potential customers via social media. These games will be aired live in primetime in the United States because of a relatively insignificant time difference. It may require some energy and effort on the part of you as a media buyer or by your client (or their social media team), but encourage your clients to watch the games and engage with their potential customers. Let people know that you are invested equally in the excitement. With a little social elbow grease, a lot of great conversations and conversions can happen!

The countless issues surrounding the 2016 summer Olympics have flooded media outlets for months. Zika, water concerns, claims of corrupt builders and other unsafe conditions seem synonymous with this year’s games. Using an old theatre adage, “the show must go on,” and NBC expects to cash in with an over $1 billion return on investment. So on August 5, come hell or high water, some of the world’s best athletes will descend on Brazil’s southern coast. If your clients can’t contribute to NBC’s success, help them take advantage of the events in more wallet-friendly ways.

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