Selling BluHorn to Your Boss

Selling BluHorn to Your Boss

It’s finally time.  You need more than that mangy make-shift Excel document with formula errors that have haunted you for years.  Or maybe you use a big name, big price software that is retiring? Or possibly you’ve just realized that spending more than your month’s rent on a media buying solution is no longer a great decision? Whatever the reason, it’s time to make a move to something that fits your needs.

You’ve found BluHorn®.  Finally, a software solution that customizes to your buying processes without breaking the bank. However, there might be one final hurdle to making your buying processes easier and it’s your boss.  That company president or budgeting decision maker may or may not understand what you do or how detailed your life as a buyer/planner can be.  They don’t know that this could potentially make you more productive; they just know it’s more money out the door that you can’t bill to a client.

Here are some ways to show the “boss” that BluHorn is worth its weight in media-buying gold.

    • Spend a couple of weeks analyzing how much time you spend creating and adding detail to your actual buys.  Are you formatting individual Excel documents each time and checking formulas to ensure there are no errors?  Are you using different software that isn’t allowing integration with ratings? With BluHorn you don’t have to worry about double checking calculations/formula cells.  You don’t have to go in line by line to add ratings if you integrate with Nielsen/comScore.  You’ll save that valuable time!
    • Time yourself when preparing client reports or making calculations on how much a client has spent to date/annually.  Write those numbers down!  With BluHorn, you are only a few clicks away from getting clients the totals they want quickly and efficiently.
    • If you use QuickBooks and spend time manually entering all media invoices, check how much time that takes.  With our QuickBooks Online integration, you can send your insertion orders for quick and easy automated invoice creation.
    • If you’re with software – calculate your monthly spend and what you’re getting for that money. Chances are you’re paying for more features than you need or use.  Can you get a BluHorn® package for a fraction of the cost?  What’s that monthly savings?
    • Get on and grab some of our testimonials to show how BluHorn has made life easier for some of our clients.
    • You want to share the data that you gathered above with your boss, to show how this will save money! Calculate the amount of time it takes you per week or month to create IOs, or to pull reports for clients, or to create invoices manually.  Take that number of hours times your hourly pay.
    • Look at our pricing breakout to see what level you’d need.    Show this cost to the boss along with how much hourly time you’d be saving to work on other clients/other tasks/new business.
    • With any change, there are always growing pains. It won’t be an overnight change, but BluHorn® is extremely user-friendly.  You can get started the minute you sign up!  And with training available via live phone call, or by watching some of our videos online, it’s a snap to be able to hit the ground running!
      • Tell the boss when you’d like to start.
      • Determine how you will phase out any other software or tool you might be using. Work out a timeline for when that subscription can stop.  The good news is that BluHorn offers 14 days risk free – so you can overlap your software subscriptions for 2 weeks without spending any additional dollars!
      • Prepare the information for your boss on who will get started with the software, and how many others will need to be trained or have access. Give your boss a breakout of how you will add each individual to the plan (all at once, trained individually by you after you’re set, etc).
    • Once you have your stats in order – it’s time to talk to the boss.  Determine the best time to present based on your boss’s personality.
      • Do they like detailed presentations in person or would a detailed email suffice?
      • Could you talk to them casually at lunch about it?
      • Will they need to sit and look at the site or will your data presentation be enough?
    • Prepare for them to want to “think about it” – that’s when you add in the following:
      • Gather internal support – ask other buyers to get in on the action if there’s more than one in your office.  Or ask accounting to help prove that the QuickBooks Online integration would save them time as well.
      • Talk to your reps – tell them what you’re looking at and ask them for some quotes about how professional software makes their job easier, and gives less room for error on their part when they input orders into their system.
      • Ask your boss what their reservations are and assure them that BluHorn is month by month software with no contract to sign.  It’s risk free for 14 days, but you can cancel with 30 days notice at any time!
  • GO TIME:
    • If you get the green light for a full subscription – great! Start by saving money right off the bat by paying for an annual subscription!
    • If the boss is still hesitant, start your trial and get immersed in the software – take notes about the ways that you see this saving you time in the future.  With anything new, you won’t be fast-as-lightning at first, but as time goes on, your productivity and speed of use will go up giving you more time for other projects.  Share these notes with your boss.
    • In the event of a “no”, let us know if we can help!  We are happy to discuss the product on the phone with your boss to help if we can.  Or we can add you both to our newsletter so you can start seeing the new features and announcements. Perhaps if the boss starts seeing the BluHorn name more, they’ll come around!
    • Another great offering from BluHorn is BluHorn Advantage! Our network of specialists can help your agency with more than just our efficient media buying software.  We offer you the ability to use BluHorn Affiliate providers at wholesale costs to expand your service offerings.  If you currently outsource graphic design, web design, public relations, social media, video production or even media buying – you’ve met a one stop shop!  Ask us for details so you can show the boss that there’s more here than meets the eye!

We look forward to working with you…whenever that boss comes around!

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