The Greatest Journey Begins with the First Step

The Greatest Journey Begins with the First Step

Getting started on your BluHorn journey begins with just a few simple steps.  Setting up clients and vendors need to be done before anything else, but to really start using our software to produce your media orders, you need to start with a new campaign.  The campaign in BluHorn is the overall “umbrella” under which all worksheets must reside and is the first step in your buying and planning process.

BluHorn campaigns are set up individually by client.  Date selection is up to the user.  Campaigns can span a week, several weeks, months or even years!  Many agencies buy monthly or quarterly, so those time frames make natural date selection easy, but it is totally up to you on how you’d like to set up each individual campaign.  We allow users to set their own standards and formats for naming campaigns and assigning job numbers.  This is a great way for users to integrate job/work order numbers from other programs that your agency or business may be using.

The campaigns can hold as many worksheets as you so choose, and can include multiple media types (whether it be broadcast television, cable television, radio, outdoor, print or digital) and unlimited markets.  Our system integrates with Nielsen and comScore ratings, which are indicated in worksheet set up as “Rated” worksheets.  To enter your own ratings manually (or via import/upload from a representative) without ratings integration, you choose “Unrated” worksheet types.

Our video at demonstrates the process of campaign set up – and just how quickly and easily you can get started.


BluHorn saves users time and money by making campaign set up easy to navigate and simple to follow.  Our platform is 100% web based, so there’s no software downloads needed or server space required. You can access your campaigns from anywhere you have an internet connection, on any device.  This makes it easy to pull up campaign information while sitting across the table from a client, in a restaurant at a lunch meeting or even on your tablet in your living room!

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