Traditional Media: Old School and Still Cool

Traditional Media: Old School and Still Cool
We all have that one client. The client that sits at the media planning meeting and insists no one is listening to radio, watching live TV, or using traditional media anymore.  They do not believe that radio or television needs to be considered in this “digital age” of Pandora and Netflix.  Some media buyers will agree. I myself have smiled, nodded and even agreed to an extent.
However, the truth is traditional media is still the norm. It’s still kickin’ and hasn’t stopped even in the wake of all these new and improved options. Are there more choices out there than before? Heck yes! This doesn’t mean that the landscape has totally changed. Traditional media is just that – a tradition – and classic institutions don’t change quickly. Television and radio are staples in the daily lives of Americans. How media is consumed did not shift quickly as many had guessed.
Nielsen recently released a great infographic about consumers (A18+) and how they spend their day.
nielsen time spent viewing Year after year (2014 to 2016) not much has changed. Even though in 2014 the subscription video-on-demand services were a far cry from what they are today, people still spend an average of four hours per day with LIVE television and nearly two hours with AM/FM radio.  The king and queen of traditional media continue to reign supreme.
So what do you do with that finicky client who wants to disregard the power of broadcast television or the reach of radio?  You show them the numbers.  You do your research.  You share the latest data from Nielsen’s Total Audience Report and you stand by your knowledge that these media aren’t just fading away.  They’re staying strong and they need to be a part of your client’s buys.
Then you sit back and wait for the client to see results, as long as they have good creative.
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