Unrated Radio Worksheets

Unrated Radio Worksheets

BluHorn makes media buying and planning easier for buyers in any market regardless of ratings subscription. Our “unrated” worksheets are not truly unrated, it simply means that the buying agent does not subscribe to a ratings service such as Nielsen or comScore, but rather relies on data from a 3rd party that they plug in to the system manually.

Our video on Unrated Radio Worksheets demonstrates the features of the worksheet. Showing fictional information, we demonstrate how the summaries and ratings information are entered and updated. We also provide information on shortcuts and tips to make the worksheet work for the individual user.

Take a look at our Unrated Radio Worksheet in action:

BluHorn streamlines and simplifies the buying process for users across all media types. See our other videos on the different worksheet types available with your BluHorn subscription – including Rated Broadcast Television, Cable Television, Digital, Outdoor and Print.

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