Ask The Experts: How to utilize Social Media effectively?

How can I best use Social Media in my business?

Mary Fisher (View Full Interview)
Things have really changed in the last last year and a half. For instance, on Facebook a year and a half ago you could post on your business Facebook account. Most of people who subscribe to it would see it, now only 2 percent of the people will see it. You are forced to do Facebook advertising.

Gina Shreck (View Full Interview)
You know it’s how do we connect best with our customers. And I think even social media people have lost sight of the point of being on social media is to connect with your customers. And I still see people just you know automating everything to the point that there’s no more connection. So whether you’re in a virtual world or whether you’re in a social media world or using video it’s all about connecting and having real relationships.

Peter Holms (View Full Interview)
Well when Instagram first came out it was specifically targeting the 13 to 21 demo and over time what we’re seeing is older demographics are actually starting to use these platforms. And then you also have specifically things like Google and Alexa voice. Google and these products that are actually created and developed specifically for a larger and an older age group demographic. The use of this technology is becoming easier for the older folks and and more accessible to them. And we’re seeing more and more people actually with quite frankly more purchasing power on these platforms.

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